Will Smith and Jada Pinkett $42,000,000 Calabasas Mansion

American actor, rapper and film producer Will Smith, is career high after he won Oscars for the Best Actor category for his role in King Richard. Although he is currently facing some controversies following the Oscar’s incident with Chris Rock, he has a successful career that helped him afford him a very comfortable life and an impressive portfolio of real estate properties.
The Oscar winner currently lives with his family in an estate worth an estimated $42 million in the neighborhood of Calabasas.
Take a peek inside the beautiful and stunning home of the Smiths.



The mansion of the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith is located on the star-studded neighborhood of Calabasas where even the Kardashians reside.
The property sits on a 25,000 square foot of land which was completed in 2010.
The couple has shelled out $42 million for the 150-acre compound that they have continued to improve and enhance over the years where they are currently residing.
The couple has consulted the designer Waldo Fernandez to get the interiors under way for the property and it was previously being fine-tuned by the Los Angeles–based decorator Judith Lance.
When Lance took over the place, there was already some footprint, finish materials, stone, and paint at the place. Lance only set the aesthetics of the property which had to look handcrafted yet refined and sophisticated.

The designer of the mansion used the reference books on the tribal jewelry as the basis for the design of specific rooms on the property.
The Smiths then decided to work with architect Stephen Samuelson to further enhance property
since they want the estate to look cozy with earthy structure and plenty of intimate nooks.
Every piece of the furniture at the mansion was custom made and had to be meticulously tailored.
It was challenging for Lance but it made the mansion more beautiful as the precise design of the furniture added beautiful theme to the mansion for both engineering and aesthetics. 

Designer Lance installed a serpent themed fireplace screen using carnelian cabochons, copper mesh, and hand-hammered bronze.
There was also a cloistered seating area with a formal dining room which boasts foliate sconces of twisted brass wire made by the artist Mary Brogger.
With the Smiths’ collection of antique carved panels and doors, they were able to achieve a look with ancient culture
They have implemented the architectural details from the American Southwest, Middle East, Africa and Asia which includes a monumental front door for the house that seems like an entry to a fort in the Northern India. Jada confessed that she does have a thing for doors and always thought of them as somewhat a threshold to something new.

The master suite of the house was designer’s coup de theater which is a bed canopy that was constructed using some tiny ball chains that were suspended from the ceiling with the links of bronze.
The spacious adobe-style property’s main house consists of nine bedrooms, a movie theatre and a private recording studio.
The couple always wanted a home that earthy and organic which is somewhat a spiritual endeavor for them. The house was designed to create a retreat for their family and as much as possible made by hand that will look as natural as possible.

They recently needed to renovate the property because a fire broke into the basement of the house last year. The affected area was about 1,750-square-foot of the lower level of the mansion where the gym was supposed to be built.
The first floor of the house where the family room and the kitchen which has the large pantry and a breakfast room was located was also affected.
The primary bedroom suite with spa-like bathroom, large dressing room, a private garden and a terrace were seen covered by the scaffolding.


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