The 2021 Interior Design Trends We Hope Will Stick Around

From vibrant wallpaper to custom built-ins, these are some of the top design trends.

2021 was an interesting year for interior design trends. While the pandemic was still highly influential, it wasn’t the only factor that dictated what was popular. Minimalism and farmhouse finally fell out of favor for more glamorous and elegant styles. But overall, practicality and aesthetics were of equal importance. Here are six of the best interior design trends we saw in some of the top luxury homes on the market in 2021. 

Here’s to hoping herringbone-patterned wood floors like the one seen inside this Toronto, Ontario, gain in popularity in 2022.

Herringbone Floors

Herringbone-style floors were among the most popular types of flooring in 2021. It’s easy to understand why. They have a timeless look that instantly makes any room more sophisticated. This style is also a great alternative to the wide plank and modern farmhouse flooring that has been falling out of favor for years now. It’s impossible to go wrong with herringbone floors in 2022. 

This style looks particularly chic in this beautiful home in Ontario. The light wood color compliments the crisp, white walls and gorgeous moldings. 

 Among the biggest lighting trends of the year was a return to the sconce fixture. This one-of-a-kind home in Montecito, California, pairs elegant black-hued sconces with an elaborate carved ceiling. 


Sconces have been one of the biggest lighting trends in recent years. As practical as they are decorative, sconces are the ideal lighting type for readers or anyone who wants to eliminate extra clutter on their nightstand. They’re perfect for spaces like bedrooms, as seen in this incredible,San Miguel De Allende-inspired home located in Montecito, California. 

However, sconces aren’t just for bedrooms. They can also work in kitchens, bathrooms, and powder rooms to add an instant element of charm.
One of the most exciting sconces trends is plug-and-play sconces, which don’t need to be hardwired and can simply be mounted on a wall and simply plugged in. While this is more of a modern to contemporary look, it eliminates the need to hire an electrician, as hardwired sconces must always be professionally installed. 

Built-ins were a big design feature in 2021. This transitional-style residence near Toronto has a built-in with cabinet doors and an open space where a custom desk could be attached to the wall. 


Built-Ins have been making a comeback in recent years because they provide storage. This sleek, transitional residence in Toronto features a variety of built-ins in different rooms. One example of this is the dedicated home office spaces. That built-in has cabinet doors, shelves as well as an open space where a custom desk could be attached to the wall. 

The homeowner also had built-ins designed for the living room. The open shelves are a great place for displaying family photos and other types of decor. Essentials like throw blankets or extra remotes are easily stashed behind the cabinet doors with plenty of space for everything. 

Wallpaper allows you to make a different splash in every room. This Vero Beach home features a lush green wallpaper in the dining room and more artistic coverings in the bedrooms.


Wallpaper is a trend that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Fortunately, it’s an easy way to make a significant design impact with wallpaper. This home in Vero Beach, Florida, has wallpaper in quite a few rooms, including the dining area, bathroom, powder room, and two bedrooms. Each style of wallpaper is unique to the room. This accent also doesn’t need to be used on every wall. As we can see, just one wall can be enough.

DIYers may want to consider using peel and stick wallpaper, which doesn’t need to be installed professionally. All that’s required is a weekend and a little bit of patience. 

A spacious floor plan, private elevator and custom finishes are among features of 151 Vail Lane #2.

Private Elevators

Private elevators have gone from a true luxury to an essential feature for high-end properties. While they’re convenient, they can be life-changing for homeowners that have injuries, certain physical conditions, or perhaps want to live in multi-level homes at a later stage of life. 

Chalet at Vail #3 features a private elevator and is one of the most unique properties in the area. In addition, it has stunning views of the slopes, en-suite bathrooms, and high-end finishes.

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