Six Trends We Saw In Bathrooms In 2022

2022 was an interesting year for luxury bathroom trends. Overall, we saw bathrooms becoming more sophisticated yet warmer. It was certainly a step away from the ultramodern looks that were so prevalent in previous years. More transitional elements came into play with gold faucets and other timeless design choices. 

Whether you are looking to buy a new home, renovating your current one or just looking for some great design inspiration, here are six bathroom trends that were popular in luxury homes on the market in 2022. 

Freestanding Bathtubs

A freestanding bathtub works like a sculptural piece in your bathroom and adds a focal point where you might otherwise not have one. (Moreland Properties)

Freestanding bathtubs couldn’t be more popular right now because they add a beautiful focal point to any bathroom, no matter what the design style is. There’s a gorgeous freestanding bathtub at 704 West Johanna Street, in Austin, Texas. The oblong-shaped tub is luxurious and modern. It also makes excellent use of the space. The wood tiles and gold faucets behind it complement the classic white porcelain.

This freestanding tub elevates this bathroom into a modern sanctuary. (Special Properties)

Across the country, we see a very different type of freestanding tub at this European-styled villa in Saddle River, New Jersey. The transitional style of this bathroom is chic while the freestanding bathtub makes it feel like a sanctuary.  

Wall-mounted Faucets

With plenty of wood paneling, this gold wall-mounted faucet compliments the luxury rustic feel. (LUXE)

There’s no denying how sleek wall-mounted faucets are. It’s a modern style that works perfectly for many bathrooms, particularly a minimalist one, such as the bathroom we see at this modern farmhouse in Tualatin, Oregon. The single gold faucet is clean-looking and compliments the wood accents throughout the space.
Wall-mounted faucets are ideal for powder rooms because they are usually more compact than full bathrooms. This is just one of the many details that were thoroughly thought out in the design of this incredible property.

Sinks With Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipes sound scary and almost industrial, but this design choice is anything but that. Ideal for more traditional to contemporary-style bathrooms, exposed pipes are perfect for smaller powder rooms and bathrooms where space is at a premium and there simply isn’t enough room for cabinetry. You can also hang a small hand towel on the frame of these sinks for convenience as well as to draw attention to the inherent beauty of this look. 

Exposed piping makes great use of extra space, allowing for the area both beneath the sink and on the piping of the sink itself to offer opportunities for clever storage. (Elegran)

One bathroom where we see an excellent example of this is apartment 19D at 15 East 26th Street in New York. Like many New York City bathrooms, there isn’t an abundance of extra space and a cabinet below the sink would interrupt the flow between the sink and the shower. The homeowners also opted for exposed pipes in a second bathroom that features a bathtub. 

Floating Sinks

Floating sinks make small spaces feel light and airy. Here, this sink with a wooden drawer still manages to hold plenty of things while still looking sleek and elegant. (Elegran)

One of the best modern bathroom trends we’ve seen in recent years is floating sinks. We see this in two of the three bathrooms in this stunning apartment at 259 Bowery in downtown Manhattan. The master ensuite bathroom has a smaller floating sink accented by chrome pipes, wall-mounted faucets and a freestanding bathtub. The homeowners went with a different type of floating sink in the second bathroom, which has a large wood drawer undeath. So, there’s plenty of room for storing all of the accouterments to take a relaxing spa-like shower. 

Marble Tiles

Many bathrooms choose marble as their medium. Opting for a geometric tile adds a subtle twist on this classic material. (Long & Foster Real Estate)

Marble tiles have been a major trend for several years now and it is unlikely this material will look dated in years to come. We see this in many homes including the bathroom of 189 S Spring Mill Road in Villanova, Pennsylvania. The master bathroom features hexagonal-shaped marble tiles on the floor, creating a clean and contemporary look. This wonderful home has so many other great features, including a renovated kitchen and a generous amount of natural light.

Vessel Sinks

Although vessel sinks aren’t ideal for bathrooms with frequent use, this vessel sink is dynamic and adds an element of style to the otherwise sleek bathroom. (Hilton & Hyland)

Vessel sinks or sinks that sit above the countertop made a major comeback in 2022. While these stylish sinks aren’t the most practical choices for master bathrooms, they are a great way to make a major design impact in powder rooms. 

A perfect example of this is in apartment 1201 at 10790 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. The modern bathroom has cool gray tile walls and a gray vessel sink ideal for quick handwashing. There are many other great features of this condo including sweeping views of Los Angeles, incredible designer closets and a larger, luxurious master bathroom.

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