Ana de Amras purchases a $7 million house in rural Vermont

Ana de Amras, the star of “Knives Out,” reportedly spent millions on a sprawling Vermont property, according to a source. Given that the home has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, she will reportedly have plenty of space for entertaining. The 30-acre area also has a swimming pool, open meadows, woodlands, and paths.

The residence was sold fully furnished, per the listing. It appears that she bought it back in November. After putting her own Venice Beach home on the market, De Amras allegedly moved in with her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck in his opulent $20 million mansion in Los Angeles’ Pacific Palisades.

While they were regularly seen walking their dogs during the pandemic lockdown, the couple was the focus of countless paparazzi photos. He will not commit to having additional children, a source told Page Six at the time of the couple’s breakup in January 2021. They had first met on the production of “Deep Water.” In her 30s, she is. That was unresolvable.

De Amras was seen looking at rental properties in West Hollywood across the street from Affleck the same month, and a cardboard cutout of her famously landed up in Affleck’s garbage. The Cuban actress left Hollywood after seven years, telling Elle last year that it was extremely difficult to live in LA because of the public attention surrounding her relationship with Affleck.

“Things got a little bit out of hand. There is no way out. There isn’t a way out, she declared. She added that Los Angeles gave her “always the feeling of something that you don’t have, something missing,” which made her “anxious” about Hollywood. De Amras is seeing Tinder vice president Paul Boukadakis, whereas Affleck later wed Jennifer Lopez.

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