House48 is one of the branches of DMC Groups of Companies. House48 digs deep to provide a platform that will effectively help aspiring home owners, House48 also guarantees to buy your properties within 48 hours after evaluation, You also have the opportunity to upgrade and auction your properties on the House48 platform.

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Buying and selling of properties in the world is a sensitive area where attachments are deep however House48 provides an easy method of inspection, verification and evaluation to buy your property within 48 hours. Selling a property has never been so easy and straightforward.


Buying a property is a important decision and in most cases, a huge investment in anyone’s plan ALL OVER THE WORLD. At House48, we provide properties both locally in your country as well as properties worldwide. Check out list and you can contact us for out prime properties that are not listed.

Upgrade or Auction a Property

Upgrading a property is a first of it’s kind service brought to you by House48. Supposed you want to move your home to a different city and selling your present property isn’t very convenient and the time it will take to find the proper buyer, House48 could easily help you with a property in your new location while at the same time buying your present property. We call this service “Upgrade Your Property” and this services applies to corporate organizations and any kind of property.

Auctioning properties is also a prime service of House48, tell us about your prime properties today and we will present you before a pool of right buyers.

Our Story

We are a team of professionals who take pride in our work and always strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the end results.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a pacesetter in the real estate services by exceeding customer’s expectations.
To Provide unparalleled real estate services to local and multinational clients by providing them with professional consultancy around the clock.

Our Locations

LONDON, UK (Regional HQ)




Frequently Asked Questions

Sell a Property

Selling your property has never been so easy, House 48 provides you with a platform to sell your property within 48 hours which includes verification, inspection and valuation. You are in the best hands dealing with House 48.

Buy a Property

Buying a property all around the world has become accesssible to everyone who uses House 48, you can also be rest assured of what you will be getting from House 48. Tell us where you want a property and we will provide it.

Upgrade Your Property

Upgrading a property is a first of it's kind service provided by House 48, now you can value your property and upgrade to another in any location of your choosing. House 48 provides you a platform for you to get properties not only in your country but around the world as well.

Auction Your Property

Auctioning your property is a unique service where you can easily have House 48 help you auction your property to a pool of premium potential buyers who will bid for your property and provide for you the best offer.